Compact Disc's
$15 each (unless otherwise noted)
"Workers Rise:  Labor in the Spotlight" - New York City Labor Chorus
"On The March" - New York City Labor Chorus
"The Great Choral Convergence Live:  Six Labor Choruses"  (2006)
"Solidarity:  It Can't Be Beat" - Solidarity Singer, NJ IUC
"Miles to Go Before We Sleep" - George Mann & Julius Margolin
"Farewell to the Thief" - George Mann & Julius Margolin
"Flying Poetry Circus" - Chris Chandler & Anne Feeney
"The Heart of America" - Michael Shotton & The World Peace Choir, $5.

$10 each
"Down At The Union Hall" - Kenny Winfree & his guitar
"Joe Glazer Sings Labor Songs" - Joe Glazer
"Old Folks Ain't All The Same" - Joe Glazer and Friends
"Sing A Song" - Tom Juravich (accompanying book, $3.00)
"Two Good Arms" - Charlie King
"Caravan Girl" - Deirdre

"Smokestacks & Steeples:  A Portrait of Paterson"  $29.95
"A Union Man:  The Life and Work of Julius Margolin" $10.00
"Sacco & Vanzetti" (A Film by Peter Miller)  $30.00
"A Legacy of Achievement:  The Italian Americans of New Jersey" $29.95

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