Gifts and Stationary
* Botto House Memorabilia *
* Decorative Ceritificates * - $10 each
ith blank areas for personalization!
Note Cards~ Parchment with Botto House depicted on front and matching envelpoes
decoratively bound in sets of 5. $7.50 each

Keychain~ Enamel on gold tone keychain, showing the facade of the Botto House.  $5.00

~ has full-color photo of  the American Labor Museum/Botto House National Landmark $0.60 each or 2 for $1.00

Photograph - "Striking Silk Mill Workers' Rally at the Botto House, 1913"  Black and White, 8" x 10," unframed $10.00; framed $20.00; Black and White, 11" x 14," unframed $20.00; framed $30.00

Stoneware Cappucino Mug - bears an image of the Botto House National Landmark (Sunset Hill Stoneware, Made in USA), $20.00 each.
Baptism Certificate ~ 8" x 10".
Family Tree Certificate
with blank white roses for personalization ~ 11" x 9"
New Baby~
8" x 10"   
New Bab
y with poem~ 18 1/2" x 10"   

Bumper Stickers
                    $1.50 each

"An Injury To One Is An Injury To All"
"Don't Whine-Organize"
"Friends Don't Let Friends Cross Picket Lines"
"Invest In The Future- Buy Union Made"
"The Labor Movement-
The Folks Who Brought You The Weekend"
"Pray For The Dead And Fight Like Hell For The Living"
* Miscellaneous *
Art Cards~
Blank notes of a Ralph Fasanella painting. $2.50 each
Blank note cards with photo of Great Falls, Paterson, NJ by Gideon Steele.  $5.50 each
Blank note cards, photo pf the Botto House in winter, by Gideon Steele. $5.50 each
Strawberry Workers blank notecards, $1.50 each
Labor notecards, $1.50 each

Historical Documents
"Bill of Rights (1789)"~ Reproduced on antiqued             parchment. $1.00 each
"Woman's Declaration of Independence (1848)" Reproduced on antiqued parchment. $1.00
"Constituion of the United States (1787)"                Reproduced on antiqued parchment. $1.00
"Declaration Of Independence" Reproduced on              antiqued parchment. $1.00.

Decorative Picture Hangers~ Old -fashioned,                  decorative hangers for picture frames or mirors in gold           brocade with tassels. $10.00 each

Honey server~ $3.50.

Irish Potato Masher~ Wooden potato masher, 18th          century design. $12.00 each.

Scotish Spurtle - Traditional cooking implement used for stirring & breaking shellfish.  $8.00 each.

Key Rings~
gold-plated solid brass emblazoned with full color                  representation of the national colors of USA, Italy or Brazil.
$5.00 each

* Miscellaneous *

Paper Sculptur
e ~ Vase $50.00

Buttons - $1.00 each
"Rosie the Rivet
er" Button
"Union Yes" Button
"Bread and Roses:  Labor Day Fest"

Woven Fabric Fro
m Ghana~
Placemat- $25.00
Scarf  (single panel)~ $25.00
Scarf  (double panel)~$25.00
Scarf (four panel) ~ $100.00
~name can be wove
n for an additional $50.00 per scarf

Rag Rug, Woven in the USA by New Jersey artist Cassie Lewis, $60.00
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