Textile Industry in America

Interior of a Dye Shop, c.1900
Master Dyer in his Laboratory, c.1900
Interior Views of Leader Piece Dye Works, 1900
Weaver Operating a Ribbon Loom, C.1900
Weaver at Her Loom, c.1900
Production of Jacquard Cards, c.1910
Warpers at Work, c. 1900
Workers Operating an Embroidery Machine, 1997


-Weaver's Apron, c. 1900
-"Do Not Spit" Textile Plant Sign, c.1910

Mill Parts/Products:

-Skein of silk, c.1975
-Ribbons: c. 1940s
-Artists' Tie-Silk Sketches, c. 1940-50
-Jacquard Cards, c. 1940-50
-Power-Loom Reed, c. 1940s
-Broad-Silk Shuttle, c. 1910
-Warpers' Bobbins, lurex (silver), Quill of blue cotton, c. 1930-60
-Warping Tools, c.1940


-Copy: Naturalization Petition of Alfredo Azzi, 1912-13
Textile World Kink Book, Volume IX, NY, 1926
-Souvenir Ribbon, August 1, 1914
First Union Contract of Dyers Local 1733, October 24, 1933
-Audio cassette:
Folk Songs of the American Dream: Joe Glazer (1994)
-Velcro Compatible cloth
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