Workers' Struggles Which Led To Strikes:

-Sashes worn by striking garment workers, NY,
-(2) Picket Signs, 195 & 1955

-The Uprising of the 20,000 (garment workers)
-The Great Strike-Lawrence, 1912, 1978
The Pageant of the Paterson Strike, 1913
Great Postal Workers' Strike, 1970
ILGWU Illustrated, 23rd Convention, May 1937

Meeting of Strikers at Bott's Home, Paterson Silk Strike, 1913
Crowds at Fisher Body plant occupied by sit-down strikers, 1937
-The Battle of Overpass
, 1937
Striking members of ACTWU Locals 1733 & 1932, 1994


-Postcard: "A Few scabes [sic] led by O'Brine [sic] men during Paterson Strike, June 1913", 1913
-Song: "Sit Down, Sit Down!" 1936
-Labor Statistics, The 1959 Steel Strike
-T-shirt: "United Mine Workers of America" 1988-1990
-Placard: Arizona copper Strike of 1997
-Sign: "Turn up the heat on Phelps Dodge", 1997
-2 buttons: Arizona Copper Strike of 1997
-Audio cassette:
Bread & Roses: Songs for Working Women
-Video Cassette & Poster
Smashing the Tower: The 1946 Oakland General Strike
Labor's Heritage, Fall, 1996
Kids at Work: Lewis Hine and the Crusade Against Labor 1994
-Poem: "Bread and Roses"
-Velcro compatible cloth
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