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reat reads and activity books for kids of all ages.
"An All American Girl's Family Album" (Pleasant Company, WI)- A book for writing the memories of your granndmothers, mother and you! $7.95

"The Bobbin Girl" By Emily Arnold McCully. Dial Books NY. A stirring tale based on the memoirs of a 1830's mill girl from the Lowell Massachusettes mills.  $16.95

"Caty:  Jill of All Trades" - by Catherine Guirreri and Connie McIntyre.  A story of an Italian-American school teacher of Sussex County, NJ.  $5.00

"Click, Clack, Moo, Cows That Type"- Pictures by Betsy Lewin. Simon and Schuster Books, NY 2000.  Hilarious story about a herd of literate cows who turn Farmer Brown's farm upside down. Appropriate  for ages  3 through 7. Hardcover $15.00.

Cobblestone- A monthly magazine, for young readers, featuring labor-related articles. $5.00..

"A Family of Workers in New Jersey"- Compiled by Angelica Santomauro. 2nd ed. Feltz Printing Service, Jersey City.  A compilation of profiles of working people in New Jersey made by schoolchildren as part of a family history lesson. $3.00.

"Finding a Job for Daddy"- By Evelyn Hughes Maslac, illus.by Kay Life. Albert Whitman & Co. Morton Grove, IL. 1996. A moving story about a young girl who helps her father look for a new job while reminding him that being her daddy is a job he'll always have.  $13.95

"Fire At The Triangle Factory"- By Holly Littlefield. Carolrhoda Books, Inc., Minneapolis. 1996.  A story of two 14 year old girlfriends- one Jewish, the other Catholic- who are trapped inside the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory when it went in flames on March 25, 1911. $6.95.

"The First Thousand Words"- Series.Usborne Publishing Ltd, London. Fully illustrated books introducing foreign languages to children. Available for Spanish, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Russin, and Italian. $12.95.

"Getting to Know your Postal Carrier"- A coloring book explaining how the postal system operates. $2.00.

Kid Power: Changing Public Policy-
Cobblestone- The history magazine for young people. December 1993. $5.00.

"Lyddie"- By Kathrine Paterson. Puffin Books. 1991. Impovrished Vermont farm girl Lyddie Worthen is determined to gain her independence by becoming a factory worker in Lowell, Massachusetts, in the 1840s. Paperback $5.99.

"Out of the Ordinary" by Michelle M. Barone.  The story of Julie, a girl who grows up in the early 20th century near the coal mines of Ludlow, Colorado when workplace difficulties arise for the miners.  $6.99

"Peoples of the World" by Roma Trundle. (Usborne Publishing  Ltd. London, England) A children's book introducing the customs, houses, beliefs and products of peoples of the world.  $6.95

"Promising the Moon" By Salvatore Amico M. Buttaci. !998. A collection of original poetry by former editor of New Workds Unlimited and POETIDINGS and current Children's Editor of POETRY MAGAZINE on the internet. Softcover (signed by the author). $9.95.

"Silent Dancing:  A Partial Remembrance of a Puerto Rican Childhood" by Judith Ortiz Cofer, $12.95

"Union YES Coloring Book"- Coloring book depicting the importance of union members in society and providing short explanations of unions and what their members do. $2.00.

"We Came To North America" series: The Japanese, The Chinese, The French, The Hispanics, The Irish. Crabtree Publishing Co. Immigrant study books with colorful illustrations. Paperback $8.95 each.

"When Everybody Wore a Hat" -By William Steig. Harper Collins. 2003. Written for children, this is the story of life almost 100 years ago when you could see a movie for a nickle and everybody wore a hat. Hardcover $17.99.

"Why Are People Different?"-By Susan Merdith. A book for young readers answering the title question.