Child Labor
-United Farm Workers (UFW) flag
-Picket signs of Striking Mill Children, 1903

Child picking coffee, Mexico, 2000 (2 photos)
Child working in a coffee field, Mexico, 2000
Boy tying bags of coffee, Nicaragua, 2000
Students of hijos del Campo Program, Costa Rica 2000
Bobbin girl, Paterson, NJ c. 1900

Child Labor, Jackdaw (setof 12)
Combat Child Labour, ILO, 1999
In the Press..Child Labour, ILO, 1999-2000
Facts and Figures on Child Labour, ILO, 1999
What is Made with Child Labour? ILO, 2001
-Rugmark Label, Rugmark Foudation, 1997

World of Work, ILO, 1997-2000, (3 issues)
Targeting the Intolerable, ILO, 1999
-Newspaper article:
Rose Freedon, Survivor of Triangle Fire, 2001
-Newsletter, etc. Coffee Kids, 2000
-Lyrics: "Breaker Boy " by Glen R. plummer
Declaration of Dependence, National Child Labor Committee, 1913
-Fair Labor Standards Act, 1938

Free the Children by Craig Kielburger, 1998
Decent Work, a report of the ILO, 1999
The Triangle Fire, by Leon Stein, 1962
Child Labor in the 90s National Child Labor Committee, 1994

-Handwoven jacket, Guatemala, c.1998
-Coffee Beans, Mexico, 2000
-Heating coals (3 pieces)
-Video cassette:
Coffee Kids: Grounds for Hope (9mins.)
-Velcro-compatible cloth
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Solidarity Forever
Textile Industry in America
The Fight for Civil Rights
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