The Botto House:
An Immigrant's Home in 1908
New Home of the Botto Family, 1908
Botto Family with the Family Dogs, 1911
Maria Botto feeding chickens with Olga Botto and Lily Coda, c. 1910
Making Salami, c.1900
Men playing bocce, c. 1905

Household items:
-Wooden clothesline spreader, c. 1900
-Flatiron, c. 1900
-Package of dried Rosemary from the gardens of the Botto House, 1996
-Wooden Bowl, c. 1905
-Hand-carved wooden mixing paddle, c. 1905
-Canning jar, c.1908
-10 lb. bag of fine table salk, c. 1908
-Epsom Salt, English Mustard & Pastigle Leone Disetanti tins, c. 1900
-Child's chamber pot, c.1900
-Man's shaving brush, c. 1908
-Table cover with drawn0thread work, c. 1900
-Pillowcase with drwn-thread & embroidery woven, 1935
-Crocheted nightgown collar, c. 1905

-Salami Recipe, c. 1900
-Lyrics: "Le Reve d'Amour (Love's Dream) c.1900

-Poster: Get Your Own Home in Haledon, 1893
-Video cassette:
They Came to Work
Velcro compatible cloth
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