A History of the Photoengravers Union
Local One: The Founding Local, 1894-1997
Charter Members of Local One, 1894
Presidents, Local One, 1894-1919
Newspaper Photoengraving Chapel, 1929
Local One Outing, 1935
Bowling League Beef-Steak, 1939
Testimonial Dinner for Edward White, 1947
Founding Convention, LPIU, 1964

Engraving Tools, Edward C. Lyons, New York

List of Photoengraving Companies
The Art and Technique of Photoengraving book
Newark Commercial Artists, Lo 28, Charter
Stock Certificate, 1929
50 Anniversary Lo.1 1944 Dinner Journal
Local 1 , issued by GCIU, 1983 Charter
Union Local 1, 1904 Charter (facsimile)
Gp;den Anniversary, Lo.1 1894-1994, Book
Newspapaper Article (facsimile)

Photoengraving Tools/Products:
May is Salad Month, Proof Sheet, 1964
Engraving Tools
Engraver's apron
Moon Landing, 1969, Zinc Plate
Sanka Coffee, Copper Plate
New York Times Strike, 1962-63, Plate
Girl at a Window, Proof Sheet
Union Label Stamp

Video: Process of Photoengraving, Horan Co.
Apprenticeship papers, 1952-59
Local 1 Dues Book, Constitution & By-Laws,
Official Label Directory, Group Insurance Plan,
List of Photoengraving and Gravure Plants,
Photoengraver's Sick Benefit Society Constitution
and By-laws and Contracts.