"100th Birthday Celebration 1998- Paul Robeson:
Singer, Actor, Athlete, Scholar, Social Activist" $14.95
"A. Philip Randolph-Dedicated
Organizer of Labor" $10.00
"An Injury to One Is an Injury to All" $13.00
"Botto House" $5.00
"Cesar Chavez," "Mother Jones,""E.G. Flynn" $7.00ea
"Gaetano Federici Revisited" $5.00

"Get Your Own Home" $5.00
"Images of Labor" $40.00
I.W.W The Pageant of the Paterson Silk Strike $10.00
New York City Labor Chorus" $10.00
"Painting Labor by Michael Conner" $10.00
"The Postal Strike of 1970" by Tom Germano $25.00
"Rosa Parks," "Sojourner Truth" $5.95ea
"A. Philip Randolph" $5.00

"Rosie the Riveter" $14.00

Posters of paintings by Mike Alewitz- all signed ~$25. each
"FAT XI Congreso Nacional"
(Mexico, 1997)
"The Resurrection of Wesley Everest"
(Centralia, Washington)
"Teamster Power" (Chicago, 1997)
"Labor Party" (Cleveland, Ohio, 1996)
"The Mushroom Workers" (Pennsylvania)

Posters of paintings by Ralph Fasanella
unsigned, $25.00; There are a few posters signed by the artist available for $50.00 (please contact us for inventory.)

~ "Working at the Mill" (1972)- A look into a textile mill and those
who built the industry and worked under difficult conditions.
~ "Family Supper" (1972) Portrayal of a "typical" family of immigrants
that came to America around 1910 seated at the table in their flat.
~ "The City" (1979) New York City-scape (12"x25")-$25.00, (24"x30")
$30.00 w/out border.
~ "Working the Night Shift" (1976) Textile mill scene at night
portraying those who worked in the mills day and night. 
~ "Don't Mourn, Organize" (1988) Portrayal of an orgainizing
committee, surrounded by sayings that put forth the message of
organization and education.
"Welcome Home, Boys" (1953) Portrays the return of soldiers
after WWII.  It also pays tribute to the women who kept the country
going during the war. 
~ "South Bronx-Rebirth" (1995)- Celebrates the redevelopment
of "the community" in the South Bronx
.  Framed, signed poster available, $100.
~ "The Daily News Strike"
(1993) Scene depicting the 1990
strike in New York City.

~ "The Great Strike:  Lawrence 1912"
(1978) Portrays the
textile strike of 1912 in which thousands of people from numerous
ethnic backgrounds came together.  Scene of the strikers picketing
Lawrence, Massachusetts.

~ "May Day"
(1948)- Depicts marchers parading at New York's
Union Square & a spacious, humane place where working people have
the freedon to discover & enjoy the world they helped to build.

~ "Subway Riders"
(1950) Depicts a group of subway riders at
night after a hard day's work.

~ "Red Sky"
(1976) Portrays the pollution in which industry workers
labored.  Only unsigned poster available.

~ "Protectory Games"
(1962) Boys playing on a baseball diamond.
Lithograph by Julie Leon Anderson
e" (16" X 20", 1996 ) $100.00- negotiable
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