Solidarity Forever:
Organized Workers, 1900-Present
Tenement home of an Italian immigrant family,, c. 1910
Sweatshop: Jewish family making garters, 1907
Eugene Debs & railroad workers, c.1894
Garment workers ath their sewing machines, c.1910
First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt sews a union label into a coat, c.1930s

Pray for the Dead and Fight Like Hell for the Living-Mary Harris ("Mother") Jones
-Philip Randolph
-Union Summer, 1996
-5c for Fairness-Strawberry Workers, 1996

-Union Organizer Joseph Corsi's papers & photograph, c. 1940s & 1950s
-Union buttons & badges, c. 1990s
-Resolution, pamphlet & news reports, United Farm Workers, 1996-present
-ILO Magazine, pamphlets & posters

-Labor History Month Proclamation, 1996
Union Label Bulletin, AFL, May, 1912

The Story of the Pullman Strike, 1981
Sing a Song of Unsung Heroes & Heroines, 1986
-Labor Hall of Fame

-"Look for the Union Label" 1975
-"Solidarity Forever", 1915

-ILGWU shopping bag, 1990
-Junior & Journeyman Working Cards
-UAW Local 840/Bellanca Aircraft Corp. contract, June 1, 1945
-1st AFL-CIO Convention guest badge, 1955

-Velcro Compatible cloth
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