Sol Stetin: Immigrant, Labor Leader, & Humanitarian
1. (2) travel brochures for Poland, 1990's
2. Tourist Road Map of Poland
3. (3) postcards, Lodz Poland
The Polish Americans, By Sean Dolan (1997)
Labor Movement:
5. Photo: Interior of a Dye Shop with Dyers, Paterson, NJ, c.1930
6. Booklet: Constitution and By-Laws. Federation of Dyers, Finishers, Printers, and Bleachers of America, Department of TWUA, CIO. Adopted May 1, 1942.
7. Booklet (copy):
After 141 Years: What Dye Workers have won in Two Successful Strikes, By Herman Wolf, 1935.
8. Poster: "Working the Night Shift" By Ralph Fasanella (1978)
9. Video & Pamplet: "The Uprising of '34"

10. Photo: Sol Stetin, Union Business Agent, 1930's.
11. Flyer: "To All Textile Workers..." TWOC, CIO, 1937
12. Booklet: Constitution, TWUA, CIO. Adopted May 1939. Amended May 1943.
TWUA, 1940's-1960's
13. Booklet: "Toward A New Day", TWUA, CIO. Post WWII Program of the Union.
14. Booklet: Agreement. Employess of the Metropolitan (New York) Area engaged in Plain due & Machine Print Skein Dye- Ribbon Dye and TWUA, AFL-CIO, OCt. 1, 1955-Oct. 3, 1958.
15. Photo: Officers and Executive Council, TWUA, AFL-CIO, c. 1956. President William Pollack (front row, center) and Sol Stetin, executive Council Member and  Vice President (front row, far right).
16. Photo: General Executive Board, 19th Biennial Convention TWUA, AFL-CIO, CLC, Washington, DC, 1976. Sol Stetin, General President (front row, center).
Textile Unionism, 1970's
17. Video: "Norma Rae" (117 min.)
18. Article: "The Real Norma Rae" by James A. Hodges.
19. Poster: "Labor Music Festival dedicated to J.P. Stevens and United Farm Workers Boycott Struggles."
20. Photo: Sol Stetin, Senior Executive Vice President, ACTWU, c.1976-1982.
21. Booklet: Consitution. ACTWU, AFL-CIO, CLC, adopted 1976, as amended 1978.
22. Five daily bulletins, "convention Unity," ACTWU. First Constitutional Convention, Los Angeles, CA, 1978.
25. Booklet: " A Brief History of ACWU"
26. Membership book, ACWU (Yiddish, 1918)
27. Booklet: "The ACTWU Songbook"
28. Letter ( copy) to Sol Stetin from Charles B. Rangel, Member of the United States Congress, 1976.
29. Letter to Sol Stetin from Glenn Watts, President, Communication Workers of America ( CWA), 1976.
30. Commermorative Plate: ACTWU.
31. Photo: " Statement of the AFL-CIO Executive Council on Sol Stetin, February 20, 1978"
32. Booklet: "This is the AFL-CIO
33. Photo: Sol Stetin, Senior Executive Vice Presidnet, ACTWU, and AFL-CIO President Lane Kirkland, AFL-CIO Convention, WAshington DC, November 1979.
34. Delegate Badge. AFL-CIO Convention, Washington DC, November 1979.
Textile Unionism Today: UNITE!
35. T-shirt, UNITE!
36. Cap, UNITE!
37. Pin, "UNITE! for a fair contract"
38. Booklet: Welcome to UNITE!
39. Video: "UNITE! for the Future"
40. Stickers, "NOt 1c fpr Sweatshops" Campaign.
41. Book cover: "Kids Belong in School, Not in Sweatshops"
Labor Education
42. Academic cap & gown of Sol Stetin, honorary doctor of humane letters, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, June 7, 1961.
43. Photo: Sol Stetin, General President, TWUA, conducting class for union leaders, c. 1975.
44. Brochure, Labor Programs. Insitute of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, c.1950.
45. Flyer: "Sol Stetin Testimonial Banquet.Bricks for Labor Education" October 13, 1979.
46. Booklet: Guide to the School of Management and Labor Relations, Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, c.1990's
47. Aricle: "Home of 1913 Paterson Textile Striker Designated as Historic Site",
Textile Labor, July/August 1975.
48. Photo: Sol Stetin and New Jersey Governor Thomas Kean a the opening of
New Jersey at Work, a traveling program of the American Labor Museum, 1985.
49. Photo: Sol Stetin, AFL-CIO Convention, 1986.
50. Mission Statement, Ameican Labor Museum.
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