"The ACTWU Songbook" - A collection of labor songs,
some with sheet music.  $3.00            
"Being Rappoport: Capitalist with a Conscience"-
By Bernard Rappoport as told to Don Carleton. Univ of Texas
  Press. Memoir of the son of  Russian Jewish immigrants,
a founder of American Income  Life Insurance Company
and one of "Fortune Magazine's" "forty most generous
philanthropists in America".  Hardcover- $39.95
"Black Days, Black Dust: The Memories of an
African Coal Miner"
- By Robert Armstead as told to
S.L.   Gardner. Univ of Tenn Press, Knoxville. Memoir
of a coal miner's life between 1927 and 1957.  Paperback- $15.00.
"Catscans of the Inner Eye"- By Jay Victor. Consolidated
Color Press. A collection of poems.$5.00.
"The Children of Nafta:  Labor Wars on the US/Mexico Border"
by David Bacon.  University of California Press, 2004. $27.50.
"A Country That Works:  Getting America Back on Track" -
by Andy Stern, Free Press, New York, 2006.  Hardcover. $24.00.

"The Cruikshank Chronicles: Anecdotes, Stories & Memoirs of a New Deal Liberal"- Eds. Alice M. and Howard Hoffman, with a forword by Jimmy and Roslyn Carter. Archon Books, Hamden CT.   The Stories of Nelson Cruikshank which he recorded during his final illness.  Hardcover $20.00.
"Death by Renaissance:  Poems by Paola Corso" - By Paola Corso (Huron, Ohio:  Bottom Dog Press, 2003).  This collection of poems treats a life, an Italian-American family, and the town of Tarentum, PA, near industrial Pittsburg. $12.95.
Eight Hours for What We Will"
- By Roy Rosenweig. Cambridge University Press, NY. Comprehensive study of American working class recreation, with a focus on Worchester, MA between 1870 and 1920.  Hardcover $10.00, paperback $5.00.
"Encyclopedia of New Jersey" - edited by Maxine Lurie and Marc Mappen, Rutgers University Press, 2004.  Hardcover.  $49.95.
"A Family of Sicilians: Stories and Poems
"- By Salvatore Amico Buttaci.  $12.95.
"A Family of Workers in New Jersey
"- Compiled by Angelica Santomauro. 2nd ed. Feltz Printing Service, Jersey City.  A compilation of profiles of working people in New Jersey made by schoolchildren as part of a family history lesson. $3.00.
"Fiery Fields"
- Mary C. Ancenetani. (Earthling Press 2003) Set from 1909 to 1917, this historical romance follows the experiences of Teresa, an Italian immigrant who comes to America. Paperback- $20.00
"The Fragile Bridge: Paterson Silk Strike, 1913
"- By Steve Golin. Temple Univ Press, PA. an extensive stdy of the Silk Strike of 1913 which examines the collaboration between the I.W.W. silk workers and Greenwhich Village intellectuals. Paperback $29.95.
"From Harvard to the Ranks of Labor: Powers Hapgood and the American Working Class"
-By Robert Bussel. Penn State Univ Press, PA. Biography of Powers Hapgood (1899-1949), the prominent American Socialist, labor organizer and social crusader. Paperback $19.95.
"The Great Depression: A Nation in Distress
"- Eds Janet Beyer and JoAnne B. Weisman. Discovery Ent. Ltd. Carlisle, MA. 1995. From the  Perspectives on History series- An overview of the "Crash of '29" through excerpts from interviews, magazines and news articles, letters & historic photos providing a vivd flavor of the human suffering brought on by the economy's massive breakdown. $6.95.
"A Hubert Harrison Reader
"- Ed. Jeffrey B. Perry. Wesleyan Univ. Press, Middletown CT. 2001.  Collection of turn-of-the-century essays, editorials, reviews, letters, and diary entries of Hubert Henry Harrison, the "father of Harlem radicalism".  Paperback, $25.00.
"The Immigrant Experience"
- Series with introductory essay by Sen. Daniel Patrick Moynihan. Chelsea House Publishers, NY. Celebrates the diverse ethnicity that created America and tells the story of specific immigrant populations, including their history, culture and achievments as well as the immgrant experience. Books available for Koreans, Arabs, chinese, Russians, Polish, Japanese, Romanians, Irish, Jews, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Africans, Swedes, Greeks, Germans, Slovaks, South Americans.  Hardcover $14.95. Softcover $9.95.
"Insurgent Images: The Agitprop Murals of Mike Alewitz"
- By Paul Buhle & Mike Alewitz. Montly Review Press, NY. 2002.  Filled with color reproductions, the book discusses the work of this prolific U.S. labor muralist. $27.95.
"Kids At Work: Lewis Hine & the Crusade Against Child Labor"
- By Russel Freedman, photos by Lewis Hine. Clarion Books, NY.  Poignant black & white photograhy depicting child labor in the early 20th century. Hardcover "Coffee Table" book $20.00, paperback $9.95.
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